MOB Striker Hookah

Color: Black

The MOB Striker is the hookah for you if you want to enjoy the real flavors of your shisha. It is built using high-quality material and features a stainless-steel tray, built-in stem, and medical-grade silicone hose. It also comes with a removable diffuser that allows you to customize your smoking sounds. It is available in multiple color options and a rainbow glass vase. It is truly an eye-catching piece that will also capture you.

Why you are going to fall in love with the MOB Striker Hookah:

  • It has the looks and awesome performance to match it
  • Approx height 23"
  • Heavy-Duty, Thick Glass Vase
  • Stainless Steel Stem and tray
  • High-Quality construction makes it a hardy and long-lasting hookah
  • Any shisha fan would definitely love it as a gift
  • Makes any smoking session feel absolutely epic
  • Built-in Downstem with on/off the diffuser
  • Medical Grade Silicone Hose With Aluminum Handle


  • SS Stem
  • SS Tray
  • Thick Glass Base
  • Silicone Hose
  • Tongs
  • Phunnel Clay Bowl

*All our products are compatible with a variety of Shisha accessories and flavours. (Alfakhar Shisha flavour, Adalya Shisha flavour, Mazaya Shisha flavour, Starbuzz Shisha flavour, etc)*


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