The Difference Between Herbal & Tobacco Shisha

So, would you rather a herbal or tobacco shisha? Over the years, there has been a dramatic shift in being healthier. It started with the foods we eat, ORGANIC or GLUTEN-FREE would be written in big bold letters to alert people of how more beneficial it is in comparison to the normal food we’ve been buying. Science has found its way to make everything healthier for the body, and this includes our wonderful smoking device, The Hookah.

The Hookah (pronounced Shisha for others) started off as a burned flavour only back in the 1600-1700s upon its release. It was later in history that there became flavors in which people can choose what they’d like to smoke. When the trend of the flavored tobacco started circling, it made a buzz. During the beginning of the 2010s, the provincial government started fighting tobacco shisha. This forced many shisha cafes to shut down or go bankrupt. If this wasn’t the path for them to go, then they would always have to start serving herbal shisha.

What is the main difference and why did the government want to ban tobacco shisha? When you look at it from the perspective of why they did it, it surely must be health factor. Ironically there isn’t a ban on cigarettes.  The herbal shisha contains the same toxicity as a normal shisha BUT there is no tobacco or nicotine within the herbal shisha.

The reason for smoking normal shisha and not a herbal, is because of the buzz. The buzz is the feeling that anyone smoking shisha craves. This buzz doesn’t go through your head if its herbal. The reason behind this is the ingredients within the herbal molasses. The ingredients include herbal leaves, honey, flavoring, and glycerin and sugarcane which is the main ingredient to give you the sugar flavored taste as you inhale.

At Hookah Time, we sell all different flavors of herbal shisha ready for you to try! We have all different flavors as a herbal molasses. These include orange, strawberry, cherry, watermelon, blueberry, gum, and even a unique mix taken from the cocktail itself, “Pina Colada”. Feel free to message us if you have more questions or require more information on the herbal molasses and its shisha.