The different types of Shishas

What are the different types of shishas? What are the originalities of these types of shishas? Shisha is smoked by millions of people around the world but not everyone understands what type of shisha they are smoking. It all depends on the look, the inhale, and where it is made. Although the first idea of a shisha originated in The Middle East, worldwide countries have been innovative and decided to add a twist of their own. Let’s begin with the obvious one, The Egyptian Shisha.

The Egyptian Shisha. It is known to have the generic bowl look of glass along with the long metal to connect the water with the head of the shisha. It is easy to pull from the hose as there’s a lot of space for more smoke to go through and to be inhaled. Shisha companies around the world typically use the Egyptian shisha as a standard.

The Syrian Shisha. The Syrian shisha lies close within the Egyptian shisha, but it has slight changes to how the shisha is made. It is typically hand made, and rare to find because of the pricing and time needed to product this kind of shisha. This hasn’t helped in the past decade because of the war inside of Syria. Many companies couldn’t keep producing with many people fleeing the country and thus, the production for them has slimed compared to the 90s and 2000s.

The Russian Shisha. The Russian shisha presents different features than your average Syrian or Egyptian. Typically, the Russian shisha would have a modernized look and futuristic. At times, it presents a different material than the average metal used in a normal shisha. Another thing worth noting is how the Russian shisha has a tighter pull or inhale than any other shisha. The style of smoking shisha has allowed customers to buy shishas that have room to inhale and others like the Russian where the inhale is tight and narrow for a different smoking experience.

The Portable shisha. You knew it right from the name, it’s a shisha the size of your hand. These types of shishas are made to be more convenient and can be placed on any table with the feature of moving it so easily, as easy as your coffee mug. Typically, these kinds of shishas come with a small head to match the look of the cup-sized shisha. They are perfect size for trips up the mountains, or any sort of nature do to its typical small bag and easy setup.

There are more unique shishas that are available to the world on our website We offer a variety of shishas including some of the ones mentioned and more fancy, with funky looks. If you have trouble knowing which shisha to start with, look at how you’d like to smoke. If you like the pull to be tighter, than we’d recommend one of our Russian modern looks. If you prefer to have a broader range of smoking, then smoking an Egyptian style would be the way to go. As a first buyer, it may be a hit or miss depending on what you like but having a shisha at the house is never a dull idea. People usually keep it at the house for times the house owners or guests are there and they’d like to feel a nice buzz of smoke which is great.